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While RVing is wonderful, it can also be costly. Not only do you have to buy the RV, but you also have to pay for vacation-related expenses and RV maintenance. Fortunately, performing basic maintenance yourself can help keep your RV in great shape. So, if you don't want to be googling "RV maintenance near me," take the time to do these things.

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Care For Your Tanks

While it's great to have an onboard bathroom, the plumbing works hard and can be sensitive. It's no wonder your tanks can become dirty. You should fully empty your tanks after each trip. You should also occasionally sanitize them with a diluted bleach solution.

Watch Your HVAC System

Another great feature of your RV that you don't want to do without is your climate control system. Being able to control your heat and air conditioning can transform a miserable experience into a luxurious getaway. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, which is why you should keep up with some basic HVAC maintenance.

One item on your RV maintenance checklist should be checking and swapping out your filters when they get dirty. You should also know how to find and replace condensers when they break.

Take Care Of Your RV Battery

A bum battery can quickly put a damper on your trip. Depending on what kind of battery you have, there are a few things you can do to care for it. If you have a traditional RV battery, you'll need to check its water level, keep it at a moderate temperature, and be on the lookout for sulfation. If you have a lithium battery, you should also be concerned about cold temperatures.

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Maintain Your RV Roof

One of the easiest tasks on your RV maintenance checklist is also one of the most overlooked things: make sure you look at your roof before and after each trip. You want to make sure there's no dirt, debris, or sticky sap on it that can destroy your your roof's finish and cause water damage. While you're on the roof, look at the seals and other openings.

Taking Care Of Your RV's Slide-Outs

Slide-outs are great because they enlarge your RV, but they can also require a great deal of maintenance. They are responsible for moving a lot of weight along a narrow metal strut. At the same time, they must also make sure they keep the seals watertight. As a result, they tend to break down quite frequently.

When slide-outs break down, they can be a headache, especially if you have heavy or expensive furnishings located inside of them. Finding yourself waiting for your local RV maintenance and repair shop to get them working again will not only leave you grounded but could also put a major delay in your trip. Unfortunately, even if you decide that you can go without using the slide-out, you may still need them to work before you're able to move your RV again.

While you can't guarantee that you'll never have any issues with your slide-outs, it's still a good idea to make sure they stay well-lubricated as this can be one of the major problems with them. You should also make sure to double-check the slide-outs before you roll them back in. Dirt, debris, and tree dust can get inside of them, making them stick and jamming up the machinery, all of which can cause long-term problems.

If you still find yourself googling "RV maintenance near me," make sure you stop when you see Mid Florida RV Services for all your RV maintenance, repairs, and service needs. Contact us today at (813) 494-8501 for a consultation.

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