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Getting Ready For The Winter: How To Winterize Your RV | Mid Florida RV Services

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Owning an RV comes with responsibility, including maintenance. If you live in colder weather, winterizing your RV is an essential part of yearly upkeep. Even if you live in Florida where there is decent weather all year round, it is still important to do certain steps in the winter months. This will ensure your RV will continue into the future.

What To Purchase For Winterizing in Florida

When getting ready for winterizing, it helps to start with a shopping list and obtain the products needed. If you live inside the RV, begin with plastic for the windows and thick curtains to keep the heat inside. If you live in the RV or travel full time, chilly weather is a great time to inventory extra blankets or sleeping bags. Another great idea is to update the first aid kit at this time. Make sure you add any items needed for colder weather, such as extra emergency blankets and ponchos.

If your RV is staying stationary in the chillier months, start your shopping list with cleaners. The end of the season is the best time to clean the roof and sides with a pressure washer or firm brush. Along with these items, get an RV cover and a vent cover if you have a skylight.

Next, purchase rodent repellents and sealant. This purchase is mostly for prevention, whether the RV is stored in a yard or storage area.

How To Winterize Your RV

Now that you have gathered your items, it is time to winterize your RV. Begin with a good wash, including the roof and wheels. You may have to use a stiff brush and sponge, depending on where you traveled.

While washing the tires, check the pressure and tread. During colder months, the PSI of a tire drops and could cause the tire to deflate. If you come across any damage while cleaning, use the sealant to pack holes. Use rodent repellant as directed. After dry, you can cover the RV to be safely stored.

For Those In Colder Climate

If you aren't located in Florida, the next step to winterizing is critical for those who live in colder weather. The critical aspect of winterizing your RV is to ensure there is no water present in any of the tanks. If you have inline water filters at this time, remove them and bypass the system. Check for wear or if they require replacement.

Next, drain the fresh water tank. Then, focus on the grey and black holding tanks if you have a flushing system on the RV. The black tank may need to be cleaned with a brush. Allow the water to cool and drain the hot water tank. Never empty the hot water tank when it is still hot.

Inside the RV, open the faucet, hot and cold, open the shower and toilet valve. Then find all low drains and ensure they are open; you may need to use a pump to drain all the water out. Close all drains and faucets before the next steps. Ensure all drains and faucets are not flowing water before closing.

The following steps ensure antifreeze is pushed through the water system:

If you can, bypass by disconnecting the inlet side; you will need a bypass kit if you cannot.

  • Using a clear tube attached to the inlet area, insert the other end of clear tubing into the antifreeze.

  • Next, turn on the water pump and open the nearest faucet, hot and cold, until antifreeze comes out, and then turn off again. You want to repeat this process for every faucet, including the shower, and flush the toilet until antifreeze appears.

  • Turn off the water pump, go to the outside inlet, press on the valve using a small screwdriver until you see antifreeze, and then replace the screen.

  • Proceed to each drain in the RV and pour a cap full of antifreeze down it. At the toilet, pour in a few capfuls and flush into the holding tank.

The steps above are just a basic outline of how to winterize your RV. Consult your user manual for any additional tasks. If you require any other maintenance, cleaning, or repairs, call 813-494-8501 for a consultation today. If you are in the Florida area or traveling to the Florida area, reach out to Mid Florida RV Services for your travel needs.

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