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RV rentals and purchases increased during COVID-19, RVs make a great way to vacation during social distancing by providing the amenities of home in any location. But smaller spaces like RVs can accumulate dirt and dust faster than a house, so you may need to clean them more frequently. When you return to the RV or before renting an RV, take certain safety measures to safeguard against COVID-19.

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Gather Cleaning And Safety Items

To clean the RV to safeguard against COVID-19, gather useful cleaning items first. Begin with your safety: get a box of disposable masks, a box of disposable rubber gloves, and goggles. Purchase a few bottles of hand sanitizer for when hand washing isn't available.

For the RV, you need to purchase items for hard surfaces and fabrics. Begin with soap and water and a CDC-approved cleaner. If none is available, a cleaner with 70% alcohol or a cleaner diluted with bleach are suitable replacements.

Use laundry detergent and a steam cleaner for fabric surfaces like carpet and furniture. Use non-chlorine bleach for the drapes and pillows. You can rent a steam cleaner that uses soap.

How To Clean An RV During COVID-19

Before cleaning the RV, you should start by protecting yourself. Begin with a clean mask covering your face from nose to chin. Purchase multiple disposable masks and replace them when they get wet or damaged. Next, use disposable gloves and change when you switch surfaces or if the gloves become damaged. Use goggles to keep from touching your eyes and getting cleaner in your eyes. Last, before you begin cleaning, make sure the RV adequately ventilated since you will be using disinfectant and bleach. Never mix household cleaners with bleach. A chemical reaction can occur, resulting in burns or ventilation issues.

Next, clean hard cleaners with soap and hot water and a necessary wipe down. Refill the water as much as possible, being sure to rinse the container after dumping. Swap rags or sponges as much as possible to be safe.

Disinfect surfaces like countertops, the dashboard, and doorknobs with cleaner. Clean exterior door knobs daily. Follow the directions on the bottle, or if using a homemade solution, use in a spray bottle for even distribution. For electronics, wipe lightly and dry immediately. You can even cover the electronics with plastic for easy cleaning.

For surfaces with high touch points such as doorknobs, clean daily or more if needed. Don't forget the driver's area, including the steering wheel and radio. Have disinfectant wipes on hand for a quick clean up when needed.

Next, clean the fabric surfaces, starting with the drapes, and wash in the hotter water the care instructions allow. Launder with chlorine bleach if white and non-chlorine bleach for colors. For couches, vacuum with attachments and steam clean, if possible, with the hottest water possible. Last, do the carpets. If they are removable, launder them with the hottest water possible. If they are stationary, vacuum and steam clean with the hottest water possible. Wash your hands after handing dirty laundry or use disposable gloves and change frequently.

You should always consult the CDC guidelines for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information. Mid Florida RV Services is here for all your RV maintenance, repairs, and service needs. Contact us today at (813) 494-8501 for a consultation.

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