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Why Delaying Annual Maintenance To Your RV Can Become A Costly Mistake | Mid Florida RV Services

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

RVs, like any other motor vehicle, require maintenance based on mileage or time used. This maintenance should not be ignored. Dismissing maintenance can result in more damage and a higher repair bill. Ignoring maintenance could also result in harm to yourself or others.

Before And After Cleaning Outside Of RV

Skipping Winterizing Can Cost Interior & Exterior Damage

The most routine maintenance of an RV is winterizing it when temperatures reach around 32° F. WhLile the process is lengthy, it is relatively inexpensive. On average, the cost to winterize an RV ranges from $90 to $300, depending on whether you take it to the dealership or purchase items yourself.

Neglecting to winterize your RV because of financial issues or time can cost you more in the long run. One of the most expensive and extensive repairs for RVs is repairing a water line cracked or damaged by ice. Patching water lines and tanks simply delays their replacement.

Failing to cover the RV's exterior during the winter can cause significant damage from snow. One of the most common problems comes from an awning that is left open The weight of any precipitation like snow could bend the arms and rip the awning. The weight of snow on the roof can also cause significant damage. Any holes in the exterior can let in rodents, which are costly to remove.

Other Maintenance That Could Be Costly To The Owner

Here are a few other types of maintenance you should perform on your RV that, if overlooked, could cost you more.

  • When leaving on a trip, check the tires and lights. Any tread issues, rips in the rubber of a tire, or bulging of the tire should be replaced as these may cause a blowout resulting in an accident or more damage to the axle.

  • Check all the lights, including headlights, tail lights, trailers, trailers, and brake lights. Checking the lights is a safety precaution that can save you the expense that an accident can cause.

  • Routinely clean off your roof of any debris. Tree limbs can cause tears in the top or damage to another vehicle on the road. Also, check for any cracks in the exterior that can let rodents in or may get worse while traveling.

  • Just like a car, RV brakes should be checked at least once a month. RVs are like cars and are note meant to stay stationary for a significant length of time. Neglecting the brakes can cause damage to the rotors and wheels. Also, brakes that are seizing or not braking correctly could result in an accident.

  • Inspect your propane routinely. A leak can let in vapors, which is bad for your health. The leak can also cause you to lose propane and may start a fire.

  • Check the water tanks professionally once a year. A leak or valve issues could cause pressure issues, and a leak could result in a lack of water.

  • Run the generator to make sure the gas isn't settling. If the gas settles, you may need a new generator or need to tune up the generator or need to tune up the generator more often.

Routine maintenance is essential to keep your RV running smoothly and safely. Mid Florida RV Services is here for all your RV maintenance, repairs, and service needs. Contact us today at (813) 494-8501 for a consultation.

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